PC Game - Call of the Underworld ( Game Shooter Seperti Touhou )

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Download Call of the Underworld v1.0 Installer
Download Call of the Underworld v1.0 Zip File
Use the second link if you’re having problems with the installer. If you’re not using the installer, you must manually download and install the Microsoft .NET 4 framework and the Microsoft XNA 4 redistributable if you don’t already have them. If either is not correctly installed, the game will not be able to start at all.


Call of the Underworld is a top-down shooter in the vein of Japanese bullet hell games (like the Touhou series). Pick one of four teams and make your way through over 100 densely packed bullet patterns. Aim for the highest score, or simply try to survive through all 10 stages. A practice mode is available, and replays of your played games can be saved and watched again later.


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