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Anamei Productions, 2007

What is World Outside?

World Outside is an Action RPG created in under 2 and a half months for a contest.

What is World Outside about?

World Outside was the rough story of a young girl driven on a quest by an unknown desire, and a younger boy looking for meaning in the life he never questioned. World Outside has a heavy reliance on combat and action gaming and combat customization.
Our first protagonist and the more mysterious of the two, the witch Nera starts her first quest as a privilege of her new status as a full member of her organization. There are doubts about the wisdom of her choice however...

A young boy Nera meets during her adventure. Naive and honest to a fault it's possible his personality traits aren't entirely human.

What's unique about WO?

It's an action heavy RPG that uses the new CoRE Engine created to simulate accurate movement and control. It also features a custom animated menu system, particle-based graphics, advanced game options, and a combo-based system that lets you customize the dozens of skills to suit your play style easily!

World Outside was created (like too many of my projects...) for a contest and was the first 'testing ground' of a new combat system that I plan to use for at least one or two more games and was the prototype for a new VX combat system based on a brawling system.

There are a number of game options you can customize as well, from hiding numbers in combat to changing or disabling special battle music to difficulty ratings and lowering particle counts for lower-end machines. 


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