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A side-story to the sometimes popular and always controversial Iron Gaia series. Could be considered a Part 1.5 between the very early Part I and the never-completed Part II, but a more accurate analogy would be to call this a Resident Evil 3 to Iron Gaia Part I's Resident Evil 2. In other words, it deals with the same location (the Iron Gaia space station, the last hope of humanity derailed by an artificial intelligence gone mad with delusions of godhood) and the same events from the perspective of a completely different character.
Iron Gaia: Virus is a post-apocalyptic spacepunk action-RPG, with elements of stealth gameplay. In terms of production values, the number one priority was to make something like System Shock 2 for rm2k3 and I think we were ultimately successful.

This time, you play as Dietrich Slade also known as Sigmus the Fallen. Once a brilliant and gifted rocked scientist who was the chief of propulsion for the Iron Gaia project, Slade was rewarded by the Gaia for his role as Her creator by being in turn recreated by her. Rebuilt in Her image as one of her Celestials, angelic beings genetically engineered and cybernetically enhanced to act as her servitors.

As Slade tries to secure an exit from the self-destructing Iron Gaia space station, he meets someone from his distant past, one of the men who made him what he has become today. Dr. Cross, who he had believed dead. So, as he struggles to escape, he reflects on his journey, from man, to Celestial, and finally to become a kind of fallen angel, a dark God.

While often eclipsed by its very early predecessor and its disastrous failure of a sequel, Iron Gaia: Virus is, in my opinion, definitely the best RPG I ever have or ever will make. It is complete, self-contained, and totally unique.

If you like science fiction or RPGs at all...please, please, please play it.
DOWNLOAD HERE (working  version)
DOWNLOAD HERE (final version)


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