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Jeff, the main character, struggles through an endless war of good versus evil. He is the only one who can see the true dark side to his former leader, Dawn. It is kind of challenging to stand against such a dark power when nearly the whole world is on the wrong side, due to blind judgments made by a destructive leader. Not only will Jeff have to fight off an army of mislead, doomed souls, but he will have to stand up against some of the most carnivorous calamities known to man.
It is a story of passion. Not only of love--but love of hate.

The story begins at Jeff's small house with his current lover, Shannon. He just can't seem to get over his father's recent death, caused by Dawn's army, the Legions of Light. His guilt and shame he feels for not protecting his father when he needed it is overwhelming and draining. As an ex-soldier of the legion, he has decided to try to live a life without violence and hatred, but certain circumstances make that dream impossible.

Learn more about Jeff's family and his past as you play through this epic story full of greed, betrayal, and pure evil.

-more than 8 hours of gameplay
-many button-bashing, intense battles
-very large bosses to fight that take up nearly the whole screen
-an extremely large, in-depth level up system with many features, including challenges to win extra experience points
-ability to upgrade your character with whatever skills you want, melee or magic-based
-a very entertaining martial arts system, enabling you to perform hit combos on enemies
-more than 50 weapons
-more than 40 unique spells
-more than 30 shape changes
-suits of armor
-magical rings you can create using rare elements
-telekinetic abilities
-in-depth story sequences
-3 towns full of friends to make, secrets to uncover, and side quests to complete
-ability to open your own shops

Bottom line:
This game is neither boring nor repetitive. I did my very best to make every battle unique and I avoided cutting any corners around the plot and the battle system. This has been a full-on year project and I am very proud to present it to the world. I hope you enjoy!

Please email the creator if you have ANY questions at all.
his email : eagankid@yahoo.com 


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